MARITIME DAY at the U-Port Ochakov terminal WHERE the RIVER MEETS the SEA

More than 100 participants celebrated the MARITIME DAY at the grain terminal “U-Port Ochakov” at Ochakov Sea port on 1st of June 2017. Among the guests were representatives of International and Ukrainian grain trading houses, transport and related companies, ports and terminals, agency and forwarding companies, law firms and banks, shipping and logistics companies, media and professional associations, heads of local and central authorities, grain trading experts.U-PORT GROUP takes its background from the agrarian business, where the FIELD DAY is one of the most popular and celebrated holiday. U-PORT GROUP has expanded this event to a maritime field, and held the Second MARITIME DAY.  The celebration of the MARITIME DAY is becoming a tradition and a convenient venue for professionals in trading, transportation, logistics and related businesses to meet, to sum up the results of the past marketing year and to discuss the prospects for the new season.

The event has been opened by Dimitriy Zhminko, Chairman of the Board of U-PORT GROUP.     Nikolay Gorbachov, President of the Ukrainian Grain Association, made a colorful and informative presentation of the outgoing marketing year and prospects for the new season.     A brief presentation of “U-Port Ochakov” results of operations and the nearest development plans was held by Dimitriy Zhminko, Chairman of the Board of U-PORT GROUP.

 Guests of the MARITIME DAY were welcomed by:     Inna Kopiyka, Head of the Kutsurub United Territorial Community;     Sergiy Stovmanenko, Deputy Head of Ochakiv District Administration;     Alexiy Vaskov, Deputy of Ochakiv Mayor;     Alexander Golodnitskiy, CEO of “Delta Pilot” branch of Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority;     Alexander Sukhomlinov, Director of Ukreximbank Mykolaiv branch;     Vasyl Ivaniuk, Head of the Trade Union of Mykolaiv Sea port;     Irina Mikhailova, international adviser on agrarian business of UN programs.     A tour of the terminal and port was conducted by Victor Sokha, Member of the Board of U-Port Group, and Leonid Podsosonny, Deputy Director of Ochakov Sea port.

 Informal communication of guests was followed by Cocktail party and “live” music.  

   Full photo report of the event is available on the following link: