Rail wagons discharging point of grain terminal at Ochakiv seaport

Rail wagons discharging point of grain terminal “U-Port Ochakov” is situated at the station “Yasna Zorya” of Odesa railway, 87 km from the port of Ochakiv (map), on the approach line of Olshans’ka branch of Kyiv-Dnipro MPPZT. 

Rail wagons discharging point consist of: 

  • elevated rail line (track) for unloading of rail wagons equipped with discharging chutes; 

  • tensometric weighing bridge for rail wagons, type PULSAR VTV-1SB; 

  • ground transshipment hopper type “Kovcheg” BNP-12/4.3E; 

  • wheeled tractor type Belarus 82.1; 

  • discharging point guard post; 

  • grain quality analyses express laboratory. 

Staff employed: 8 persons. 

Technology scheme provides: 

  • delivery of rail wagons from the station “Yasna Zorya” to the discharging front; 

  • weighing of rail wagons – gross weight; 

  • sampling and analysis of the quality of the cargoes; 

  • direct discharging of rail wagons via ground transshipment hopper into motor trucks brought up to the wagons; 

  • delivery of cargoes to the port terminal by motor trucks; 

  • weighing of rail wagons – tare weight; 

  • returning of rail wagons back to station “Yasna Zorya”.

Weighing of rail wagons is computerized with online data transmission to the port terminal. 

Discharging front accommodates up to 10 wagons. 

Discharging capacity of the point – 30 wagons per day. 

The construction of tent shelter is planned in the nearest future for all-weather wagons discharging and trucks loading, as well as installation of truck weighing bridge.