U-Port Group (Ukrainian Port Development Group) was founded in January 2008 by a team with 15 years’ experience in port and seashipping business. For the period of fifteen years the team has established: a grain transshipment terminal in Kherson Sea Port (project started in 1997, in operation since August 1999), 5 freight forwarding companies and 3 shipping agencies in Kherson and Mykolayiv, 2 surveying companies in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


September: U-Port Group signed General Agreement with “Port Ochakov Ltd.” for development of transhipment terminals at above port.


June: U-Port Group commenced management of “Dnipro Cargo Limited” terminal (Kherson Sea port).


February: U-Port Ochakov grain terminal came into operations.

March: first stage of the new port Ochakov approaching channel was completed by Mykolayiv Sea port Administration (depth 6.20 m in a fresh water).

May, 15th: Grand opening of the U-Port Ochakov grain terminal.

October: dredging of inner roads was competed (depth 6.20 m, draft limit of 5.87 m in a fresh water).

November, 4th: first vessel was loaded at the U-Port Ochakov Terminal.


May, 22-23rd: Celebration of the first Maritime Day at the U-Port Ochakov grain terminal.


April: “Dnipro Cargo Limited” terminal (Kherson Sea port) has transhipped 4 million metric tons since August 1999.


1st of June: Celebration of the second Maritime Day at the U-Port Ochakov grain terminal.


31st of May: Celebration of the 20th ANNIVERSARY of Company “Dnipro Cargo Limited”.