First MARITIME DAY at the U-Port Ochakov grain terminal: WHERE the RIVER MEETS the SEA

The 1st MARITIME DAY was held in Ochakov on May 22-23, 2015 at the grain terminal of “U-Port Ochakov”.​

U-PORT GROUP, Organizers of the MARITIME DAY, suggested to clients and partners to continue and expand well-known “Field Day” of former agri-division of the group as well as Dnipro Cargo’s Harvest Festival. In case of export-oriented Ukrainian agro-industry above mentioned events have to go into MARITIME DAY. Organizers invited clients, partners and friends to celebrate end of marketing year, to sum it up, to discuss plans for the next season. U-PORT GROUP offered networking venue for professionals in export, trading, transportation, logistics, seashipping and handling of grains.

First day started on May, 22nd with demonstration of the terminal operations followed by presentation of U-Port Ochakov results of the first year of operations and development prospects. Event was continued by Cocktail party held at the terminal.

​On the second day (May, 23rd), guests were demonstrated the terminal and fleet operaions (passing Ochakov port approaching channel and Bugsko-Dniprovskiy Limanskiy Channel by boat).​ 

 Then the boat passed the wavy line where the river meets the sea and headed to Kinburn Sandbar, where the Maritime Day was continued with picnic by the sea.

MARITIME DAY was attended by heads and representatives of international grain trading houses, grain exporters, seashipping and transport companies, port and fleet operators and banks.​   It is intension of U-PORT GROUP to continue the event every year.