Memorandum of cooperation between the British-Ukrainian U-Port Group

On July 9 2020, a memorandum of cooperation between the British-Ukrainian U-Port Group, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dmytro Zhminko, the Baltic-Black Sea Economic Forum, represented by the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania Viktor Popov, and international logistics centre Global Multimodal Logistics, represented by Director Volodymyr Makukha, was signed.

The actual status of the company, competitiveness, clear development prospects and the ability to provide smooth, timely and high-quality handling operations – these were the benchmarks in selecting an “anchor” partner in Ukraine to establish an international corridor of effective cooperation.  And U-Port Group fully meets the above criteria for this international project, which has already connected partners from the Baltic coast with those from the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea.

The signing of the memorandum comes after a phase of intense discussion of the “Ukrainian segment” in the Baltic-Black Sea-Caspian project. That was required mostly due to some challenges of the Ukrainian transport infrastructure and the logistics operators to provide a capability for competitive cargo traffic through multimodal corridors between Asia and the European Union.

The unconditional authority of the British-Ukrainian U-Port Group, high professional level of its employees, almost 30 years of experience, the participation of the Group related British-Ukrainian Company “Dnipro Cargo Limited” (since February this year) constitute a ground of U-Port Group accession to the international partner team that has formed a transportation logistics network from the modern Baltic seaports of Gdynia (Poland) and Klaipeda (Lithuania) to seaports of Kuryk (Kazakhstan) and Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) on the eastern shores of the Caspian Sea.  U-Port Group is considered not only as a reliable link in the international chain but also as a basis to develop new transport and logistics opportunities for Ukraine.

The main point of the memorandum is the project of shared with U-port Group use of present potential and development of a modern sea terminal in the port of Ochakiv.