Grain Terminal of "U-PORT OCHAKOV LTD"



  • 3 vertical silos with capacity 6600 mt each;

  • delivery of cargo: by trucks, coaster/barges and rail trains (remote railway discharging point at Yasnaya Zarja station, 24 rail cars pd, with further delivery to the terminal by trucks).

  • receiving conveyor system (truck discharging point, coaster discharging point) with a capacity 175 mt/h and discharging conveyor system (silo discharging conveyors, shiploader)  with a capacity 500 mt/h;

  • electronic weighing system comprises two weighing bridges (capacity 80 mt each) and a bunker weighing scales (capacity 500 mt/h);

  • cargo quality control.


Berth No. 3: depth 7.35 m, length 150 m.

Port approaching sea channel: depth 6.20 m, width 50 m, length 3.25 miles (6.02 km).

Deep-sea anchorage top-off point: about 10 miles from the port.


Grain Transshipment Terminal of “U-PORT OCHAKOV LTD” with turnover of 250 K MT pa (1st stage) was commissioned in May, 2014. 


Certified:   Certificate of organic farming (STS)

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